Administration, Financial & Sales Division - Citrus Research & Education Institute
Admin, Finance & Sales

Diane Judith Williams - Executive Secretary/Human Resources Manager:

ImageAct as assistant to the Chief Executive Officer to achieve a high quality and efficient service to members of the Association. Function as Secretary to the Committee of Management. Manage and maintain all activities related to human resource development and personnel confidentially files. Coordinate the Work Permit Program. Responsible for procurement of office supplies and supervise the Janitorial staff. Coordinate growers' requests for CGA's support in growers needs for farm improvement.


Thomas Tate - Senior Operations Officer:
ImageAdminister the day to day running of agriculture retail sales, machinery hireage service, vehicle and building maintenance, security; collaborate with the processing plant managers with matters relating to scheduling and fruit quality during the harvesting season.

Marilyn Peters - Accounts Payables Officer:
ImageMaintains accounts payable system and related files, maintains accounts, reconciles and completes all reports related to accounts payable. Reconciles invoices and prepares payments for, supplies and other expenses such as utilities and payroll. Prepare Bank reconciliations.



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