Administration, Financial & Sales Division - Citrus Research & Education Institute
Admin, Finance & Sales

Henry N. Anderson - Chief Executive Officer:
ImageOverall management and administration of the Belize Citrus Growers Association inclusive of its research arm, the Citrus Research and Education Institute; responsible for fiscal planning, budget adherence, revenue generation and financial accountability of the Association; provides leadership in strategic plan development, implementation and evaluation as directed by an elected nine-member Committee of Management.

Diane Judith Williams - Executive Secretary/Human Resources Manager:
ImageAct as assistant to the Chief Executive Officer to achieve a high quality and efficient service to members of the Association. Function as Secretary to the Committee of Management. Manage and maintain all activities related to human resource development and personnel confidentially files. Coordinate the Work Permit Program. Responsible for procurement of office supplies and supervise the Janitorial staff. Coordinate growers' requests for CGA's support in growers needs for farm improvement.

Virginia Gill - Accounting Supervisor / Senior Loans Officer:
ImageAct as assistant to the Financial Controller to meet the accounting operational standards by contributing financial information to strategic plans and reviews; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; identifying system improvements and supervising staff. Assist in audit readiness preparation and the annual audit. Manages and coordinates CGA Loan Programs: Revolving Fund, Short Term, and Social Security Loans. Compute annual credit limit for the growers. Provide information / assistance to citrus growers in the Belize citrus industry.

Donaldo Bardalez - Loans & Crop Management Clerk:
ImageAssist with CGA loan programs such as the Revolving fund, Short Term and Social Security. Issue license and Scheduling of all citrus growers for the delivery of their fruit. Assist growers to fill out applications, documentations and farm inspection for new members.

Thomas Tate - Senior Operations Officer:
ImageAdminister the day to day running of agriculture retail sales, machinery hireage service, vehicle and building maintenance, security; collaborate with the processing plant managers with matters relating to scheduling and fruit quality during the harvesting season.

Marilyn Peters - Accounts Payables Officer:
ImageMaintains accounts payable system and related files, maintains accounts, reconciles and completes all reports related to accounts payable. Reconciles invoices and prepares payments for, supplies and other expenses such as utilities and payroll. Prepare Bank reconciliations.

Tricia Acosta - Accounts Clerk:
ImageResponsible for all Daily Sales. Prepare Revolving Fund Cheques. Reconcile daily sales and prepare daily deposit and appropriate documentation to record transactions. Also responsible for Work Permit, receiving, preparing of documentation to immigration and return completed passport to grower.

Thurman Williams - Retail Sales Officer:
ImageResponsible for the management of Agro Chemical, Fertilizer & Diesel sales. Prepare Sales and Inventory reports. Prepare daily reconciliation of diesel. Collaborate with staff on the fueling of CGA Vehicles. Responsible for the purchasing of Supplies.

Candida Jimenez - Office Cleaner:
ImageAssist the Executive Secretary to achieve for CGA a clean and presentable working environment that gives a good impression to the members of the CGA in particular and members of the public in general. Ensure that all persons who come to CGA’s offices are welcomed and have a good impression of the office on a whole.


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